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: I will wait for you at home with tasty dinner!
35 岁 女性    Playa del Carmen, 墨西哥  
可信度 -  76%

I respect myself and my decision, and man I am going to be with, will be my choice till the rest of life. I am looking for a man who is ready to settle down and ready to take such ... 更多相关信息 Cintia 来自 Playa del Carmen

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: Be yourself!
25 岁 女性    Odessa, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  95%

Always smile, always charm and always beauty! The first thing that can pay your attention is my eyes, with what you can compare its? Maybe with a sea or clear sky? I am young an... 更多相关信息 Anna 来自 Odessa

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: A woman surprise!
25 岁 女性    Cancun, 墨西哥  
可信度 -  63%

I am simple, sweet and loving woman. Love life, my family and friends. Active and positive. I believe in goodness in people. I believe in honesty, loyalty and respect. I am the wom... 更多相关信息 Arianna 来自 Cancun

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: I adore everything beautiful and to be beautiful too
32 岁 女性    Playa del Carmen, 墨西哥  
可信度 -  45%

Despite of my looks I am a serious and responsible person. I like to set goals for my future and do everything possible to reach them, this way I have motivation every day to wake ... 更多相关信息 Florencia 来自 Playa del Carmen

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: Hot_Kari 生日日期Be a part of me ...
27 岁 女性    Kiev, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  99%

Hi! My name is Kari and I think that if you read this, this can only mean that you liked my photos! Which is nice Wink I pay attention to beauty but I feel like we don't search ... 更多相关信息 Kari 来自 Kiev

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: I am very sensitive, so, be gentle with me.
29 岁 女性    Playa del Carmen, 墨西哥  
可信度 -  76%

I am not used to praising myself, so, it's a bit of a problem for me. I live with dignity and enjoy what I do, and it's important, because doing what you really love is best medici... 更多相关信息 Nadia 来自 Playa del Carmen

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: Love brings a light
25 岁 女性    St.Petersburg, 俄罗斯  
可信度 -  100%

I am the woman who is caring and loves to be true always. I have big hope to meet real man with whom my life will become brighter. I don't expect something luxury. Morning kiss... 更多相关信息 Katrin 来自 St.Petersburg

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: Outside the box
25 岁 女性    Chernigov, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

Thank you for noticing my profile: among many other gorgeous ladies you take a look at me and I am flattered! Honestly, it is something new for me. I have not been thinking that on... 更多相关信息 Alexis 来自 Chernigov

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: The lady without problems
31 岁 女性    Playa del Carmen, 墨西哥  
可信度 -  75%

Perfectly balanced harmony and mess! On the one hand I am very active, social, friendly, making everyone laugh, but on the other hand sometimes I enjoy meditation, yoga classes jus... 更多相关信息 Kate 来自 Playa del Carmen

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: I laugh a lot and find positive details around me
30 岁 女性    Mexico City, 墨西哥  
可信度 -  63%

I’m very tender and smiley but with my own passionate and wild side that will surprise you. Never judge a book by it's cover. One of few qualities I am really proud about: being lo... 更多相关信息 Andreina 来自 Mexico City

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