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: Feminine and smart woman, all in one package)
31 岁 女性    St Petersburg, 俄罗斯  
可信度 -  97%

I am a feminine and open to new things in life. I am bright and smart. I am wit and fun. I love travelling, sea,sun, strawberries. I come from the big family and everything I have ... 更多相关信息 Olga 来自 St Petersburg

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: Tell me, are you ready to step up and to do it together?
24 岁 女性    Kiev, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

Life is a miracle! Life is Emotion! Every second which we are living through! So why can't we live through it together?? This is what I want to do with my soul mate! Wink Rolling Eyes... 更多相关信息 Anastasia 来自 Kiev

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: Heart longs for love and belonging to only one!
29 岁 女性    Mexico, 墨西哥  
可信度 -  41%

Coming events cast their shadows before, so, maybe looking at my profile now you approach the happy time when we are together as a single whole. Love inspires hearts and fills life... 更多相关信息 Galina 来自 Mexico

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: Bright_Feeling 生日日期Let the magic begin!
35 岁 女性    Kharkiv, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

Why am I in search for my second half here? The reason is simple - nobody wants to be alone Cool Lifes is interesting, hobbies are fascinating and there is a huge variety of enjoym... 更多相关信息 Irina 来自 Kharkiv

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: Be a part of me ...
27 岁 女性    Kiev, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  96%

Hi! My name is Karina and I think that if you read this, this can only mean that you liked my photos! Which is nice Wink I pay attention to beauty but I feel like we don't searc... 更多相关信息 Karina 来自 Kiev

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: Where_Is_My_Charming_Prince?
31 岁 女性    New York, 美国  
可信度 -  65%

It’s easy to find the common language with me. I am a cheerful and active girl. I am extravert. I adore socializing and having fun with my friends. I am very curious about everythi... 更多相关信息 Elena 来自 New York

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: Do you wonna know the depth of my ...?
26 岁 女性    Sevastopol, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  75%

It's nice to meet you! I'm new to online dating and I'm really excited!! I am a positive, optimistic, adventurous girl with a big heart and kind soul. I'm looking for the one and o... 更多相关信息 Violeta 来自 Sevastopol

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: I wanna whole lotta love
40 岁 女性    Kiev, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

For those of you who found my profile interesting, I can tell that it's just a small piece of the puzzle. And to see the whole picture, you'll have to assemble all the pieces toget... 更多相关信息 Anna 来自 Kiev

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: Trust your love instincts!
33 岁 女性    Chernovtsy, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

I hope to describe myself the best I can, so you would have an idea of who I am Cool I am the person with wide outlook and always opened to something new Exclamation I like to try things a... 更多相关信息 Evgenia 来自 Chernovtsy

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: Love me tender, love me sweet...
30 岁 女性    Kiev, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

Our lives were given to us to fill them with wonderful events and experiences! And I'm the one who is actively involved in searching for something fascinating Smile I'm fond of pretty... 更多相关信息 Victoria 来自 Kiev

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