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: Life is like jazz ... better if it's improvised
24 岁 女性    Sao paulo, 巴西  
可信度 -  57%

I am a very loving and tender girl, in my free time I like to go for a walk, exercise, go to the beach and sometimes have a glass of wine, I like to be made to laugh.... 更多相关信息 Amanda 来自 Sao paulo

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: Today you are going to conquer the sky.
35 岁 女性    Bogotá, 哥伦比亚  
可信度 -  45%

Hi, I'm Viviana, a dog lover, I like movies, I love terror. I am passionate about soccer, I love to travel, I like cocktails and dancing, I am a frustrated singer, always with a sm... 更多相关信息 Viviana 来自 Bogotá

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: You are going to do silly things, but do them with enthusiasm
35 岁 女性    Cali, 哥伦比亚  
可信度 -  60%

I am Flor, a very tender and affectionate girl, I like to go on a trip, exercise, go to restaurants, drink coffee and have good talks. I consider myself an intelligent and very cal... 更多相关信息 Flor 来自 Cali

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: shafira_1019 生日日期Don't find the fault, find the remedy
26 岁 女性    Florencia, 哥伦比亚  
可信度 -  63%

Hello, I hope you are well, I am Shafira, I consider myself an honest, tender and charismatic girl, I like sports, traveling and exploring new places, I do not like lies and people... 更多相关信息 Shafira 来自 Florencia

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: The best cosmetic for beauty is happiness.
29 岁 女性    sao paulo, 巴西  
可信度 -  <40%

My name is Vannesa, I am an independent woman, I fall in love with life and what it offers us, I like to walk on the beach, have a coffee and have a good conversation with interest... 更多相关信息 Vannesa 来自 sao paulo

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: I breathe and think every minute
37 岁 女性    Bogota , 哥伦比亚  
可信度 -  76%

I am a professional in respiratory therapy, passionate about writing and reading, I am passionate about good coffee and good wines, I like to exercise a lot, go out to restaurants ... 更多相关信息 Maria 来自 Bogota

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: Nothing else matters
26 岁 女性    Kiev, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

So close, no matter how far) It's a song about me! I don't take distance seriously especially nowadays. I feel connection even miles apart and I know that learning about each other... 更多相关信息 Annooshka 来自 Kiev

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: Outside the box
26 岁 女性    Chernihiv, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

Thank you for noticing my profile: among many other gorgeous ladies you take a look at me and I am flattered! Honestly, it is something new for me. I have not been thinking that on... 更多相关信息 Alexis 来自 Chernihiv

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: Gift to me your smile teach me to dream.
30 岁 女性    Franca, Sao Paulo, 巴西  
可信度 -  60%

I am a happy person who likes the beach, who loves it, the boat trips, and that the breeze caresses my body, I love to travel, I help others without expecting anything in return, I... 更多相关信息 Manoela 来自 Franca, Sao Paulo

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: Let's meet soon!!!!
36 岁 女性    Kherson, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

My friends say that I am very sincere, sensitive, gentle, creative and at the same time I am a very reliable friend, whose help and support can be counted on in the most difficult ... 更多相关信息 Svetlana 来自 Kherson

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