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: I'm here only for TRUE LOVE !!!
22 岁 女性    Kaliningrad, 俄罗斯  
可信度 -  85%

I'm asking you to ignore how young I am. Despite my age, I am clearly aware that I do not want to live in my city and country. My dream is to travel and move from here. But my grea... 更多相关信息 Tatiana 来自 Kaliningrad

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: I'm already ripe for true love.
24 岁 女性    Nikolaev, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  88%

reading, movies, music, cooking, traveling, art, camping Description: Cheerful, mischievous and open. With me is always easy and simple, because I do not complicate life. I have ... 更多相关信息 Anastasia 来自 Nikolaev

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: need a serious relationship ..
22 岁 女性    Kiev, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

My name is Anna ... means "courage", "strength", "grace".I am very active and try to reach my goals as soon as possible. I do not like to be bored. I love to cook, and when I cook,... 更多相关信息 Anna 来自 Kiev

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: Steal my heart, I want it...
22 岁 女性    Lugansk, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  95%

If you have never met an angel in your life - here I am ...)) My name is Angelina and it suits me because I really have angelic character SmileBut besides this I am a very simple and ... 更多相关信息 Angelina 来自 Lugansk

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: My ocean of passion will fulfill your universe...
25 岁 女性    Moscow, 俄罗斯  
可信度 -  95%

If you are looking for a person who have a kind and romantic heart, who is ready for serious relationships and who is taking care of herself financially and have an opportunity to ... 更多相关信息 Maria 来自 Moscow

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: When is our anniversary?hmmm?))
22 岁 女性    Kyiv, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

I am a real Ukrainian/Russian woman who can do everything on her own. -hammer a nail-done -clean the sewer-been there -repair the vacuum-cleaner- done and many more other thin... 更多相关信息 Vika 来自 Kyiv

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: Take me and I'm ready to inspire you
23 岁 女性    Kharkov, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

I was born in a rural area and I still have an attraction for small towns and rural areas. Most of all I like peace of mind. I like nature and quiet music, but sometimes I adore p... 更多相关信息 Tanya 来自 Kharkov

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: You will drown in a crazy passion!
23 岁 女性    Lugansk, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  75%

I will never leave you if you will be with me gentle and affectionate. I want to catch you and never let go. I want to pull you to me. My morality does not allow me to have sexu... 更多相关信息 Karina 来自 Lugansk

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: Make love not violence)))))
25 岁 女性    Kiev , 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

When I talk of someone the first thing I remember is the look of the person, his or her eyes and then the smile goes. I am a smiling person and I pay a lot of attention to the way ... 更多相关信息 Yuliya 来自 Kiev

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: where is my strong man?)
24 岁 女性    Donetsk, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  88%

I am a bit naive and sensitive lady with very tender heart. I am a bit assailable as a woman should be so it is very important for me to feel myself protected in the strong hands o... 更多相关信息 Alina 来自 Donetsk

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