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: Do you wanna date with me?
25 岁 女性    Minsk, 白俄罗斯  
可信度 -  100%

Registration on this site for me is not just a joke or entertainment, it is an important stage in life. I was lonely for a long time and decided to act, I want my external and inte... 更多相关信息 Sasha 来自 Minsk

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: Today we're strangers, but let’s change our “tomorrow”!
27 岁 女性    Kiev, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

If you want to find me in a real world beyond the virtual space, it’s easier than you think! Just look around: the golden wheat fields remind about my curly hair… T... 更多相关信息 Kristina 来自 Kiev

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: Write me soon please...
29 岁 女性    Lugansk, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  45%

The best way to describe myself is to say that I am passionate, active and optimistic. I am thankful to every day. I love life and try to get something new and interesting from eac... 更多相关信息 Anya 来自 Lugansk

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: Angel_Violetta 生日日期About me
23 岁 女性    Dnepropetrovsk, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  75%

My appearance corresponds to my inner world, blonde hair is a bright soul. I'm always on a positive rhythm, I love life. I value good and respect wisdom. I always develop intellect... 更多相关信息 Violetta 来自 Dnepropetrovsk

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: bright and perky look on life
32 岁 女性    Gorlovka, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  58%

I count myself as a confident, kind and open minded woman. I am intelligent and well read; I adore nothing more than to learn new things in life. I have an incredibly curious natur... 更多相关信息 Tatiana 来自 Gorlovka

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: Real man, where are you?
32 岁 女性    Krivoy Rog, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

I am a simple, calm and kind woman, cheerful, open person, love life and enjoy it. I am fond of cross stitching,cooking and reading of spiritual books.As they say, only we are cre... 更多相关信息 Elena 来自 Krivoy Rog

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: need my prince close to me...)
25 岁 女性    Moscow, 俄罗斯  
可信度 -  40%

I am sweet passion fruitSmile I am different depends of people around me. I like nature and outdoors. I enjoy music and visit gym 3 times a week. I am talanted a bit and a bit shySmile... 更多相关信息 Yana 来自 Moscow

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: Web around the heart
22 岁 女性    Lugansk, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  75%

I don't like deceit and cowardice. I like to look forward and to see my wish come true Smile I'm ready to live and work for my dreams and dream for my man, so I am sure that when I ha... 更多相关信息 Eugenia 来自 Lugansk

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: Do you want to know my secret?
33 岁 女性    Simferopol, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  50%

I am kind a smart girl! I feel fine people and I feel the sincerity of these people. I am very sociable person and I am not afraid to be open and I do not hide my feelings. I am ve... 更多相关信息 Viktoriya 来自 Simferopol

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: So dream about a real love!
19 岁 女性    ODESSA, 乌克兰  
可信度 -  100%

I am ordinary good girl! So I do like books and prefer spending time home with a book in my hands than parting with a bear like many girls of my age! I feel that I am much more old... 更多相关信息 Lera 来自 ODESSA

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