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Natalia: Strong. Resistant. Independent. There are th...

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  • 43 岁 女性, 星座: 水瓶座
  • Kiev, 乌克兰
  • 俄语(流利的), 乌克兰(流利的), 英语(基础)
  • lawyer, artist
  • 没有小孩
  • 最后在线: 2020-12-02 21:12:23
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性别 女性
孩子 没有小孩
想要小孩 我稍后再告诉你
身高 5.4 - 5.5 英寸 (161-165厘米)
体型 有魅力的
种族 高加索人
宗教信仰 基督教
婚姻状况 一个
学历 文科学士/理科学士(4年制)
收入 30,000-50,000 美元/年
吸烟者 没有
酒徒 很少地
我期待 男性
筛选年龄范围 36-70
关系 婚姻, 关系
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评估: 3.2
投票: 14981
Strong. Resistant. Independent.
There are three qualities that have plagued me all my life. I do not know why and how it happened, but all my conscious life I am alone. I don't have reliable man's shoulder on which I can rely on. It's hard to go through life always alone. So I want to create something small and warm, familiar and light what will call a family.
My main specialty - lawyer. I gave a lot of effort to achieve the heights that do not depend on anybody, and I'm pleased with the result.
Also, I have a little hobby that warms my soul, I have my art gallery (since childhood I draw). Here lives my soul, in my pictures I bring all my experiences and victories. I really want that you can see my creations.
Write me and I think we can find something in common!
I am not looking for an ideal man, like each woman used to do. I understand that each person have pluses and minuses) We all are not ideal) I want to find simple man with an opened heart!
Nowadays opened honest heart is rare, but I hope that this site can help me to find such a treasure, like person, whom I can trust!
For me is not important age difference, circumstances or religion. I do not have any matter about how you looks or where are you living! Only what is important-who are you inside??
I wish to find my soul mate
Who knows, maybe you are my perfect match?)
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