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Olga: I dream of finding happiness. I love to take ...

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  • 40 岁 女性, 星座: 白羊座
  • Kiev, 乌克兰
  • 英语(十分不好), 乌克兰(流利的), 俄语(流利的)
  • HR manager
  • 1 个小孩
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性别 女性
孩子 1 个小孩
想要小孩 我稍后再告诉你
身高 5.8 - 5.9 英寸 (171-175厘米)
体型 苗条的
种族 高加索人
宗教信仰 基督教
婚姻状况 离异
学历 高等教育
吸烟者 没有
酒徒 很少地
我期待 男性
筛选年龄范围 38-75
关系 婚姻, 关系
I dream of finding happiness. I love to take care of myself and I love sports very much. I know how to cook deliciously and I know how to cook cuisines of other nationalities. I also like to keep the house clean. I bake cakes deliciously ... I will tell you the most interesting things about myself in personal communication.
I am looking for a decent man who wants to build a family. and who wants to build a real and pure relationship. who appreciates beauty and wisdom as well as purity and devotion.
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2023-02-15Me)720 x 1280 0:14浏览
2023-02-22in a taxi720 x 1280 0:11浏览
2023-02-25grace))720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2023-04-19Im cool!!!720 x 1280 0:09浏览
2023-05-07Spring))720 x 1280 0:37浏览
2023-06-14Me)))720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2023-06-29Me and summer!720 x 1280 0:19浏览
2023-07-04Wonderful_day720 x 1280 0:27浏览
2023-07-04Wonderful_day_720 x 1280 0:17浏览
2023-07-08Me_day_good720 x 1280 0:10浏览
2023-07-08Me_day_720 x 1280 0:12浏览
2023-08-23Me)))720 x 1280 0:15浏览
2023-08-31Me _day_me720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2023-09-21Sport_ me1080 x 1080 0:11浏览
2023-09-21Me_))720 x 1280 0:24浏览
2023-09-25Ме_shopping720 x 1280 0:10浏览
2023-09-25Cool_girl720 x 1280 0:11浏览
2023-10-10Me_ sea720 x 1280 0:29浏览
2023-10-22I_cool720 x 1280 0:17浏览
2023-10-22I_cool_720 x 1280 0:10浏览
2023-10-22_I_còol_720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2023-12-05_Heppy New Year_720 x 1280 0:30浏览
2023-12-26My_day_))720 x 1280 0:10浏览
2024-01-19Hello_l_me720 x 1280 0:14浏览
2024-01-27My_sport_720 x 1280 0:54浏览
2024-02-01I_me_love720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2024-02-08My_work_720 x 1280 0:20浏览
2024-02-12My_day_720 x 1280 0:18浏览
2024-02-17Good_ day_720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2024-02-22My_work life720 x 1280 0:17浏览
2024-02-22My_sport_800 x 1280 0:12浏览
2024-02-28Me_life good720 x 1280 0:12浏览
2024-02-29Me _ lifeeee720 x 1280 0:15浏览
2024-02-29My_blue_720 x 1280 0:20浏览
2024-03-05My _day_720 x 1280 0:17浏览
2024-04-12My spring_720 x 1280 0:23浏览