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Alina: I wish to find you, my beloved man! I am lovi...

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  • 22 岁 女性, 星座: 处女座
  • Kazan , 俄罗斯
  • 英语(基础), 俄语(好的)
  • student
  • 没有小孩
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性别 女性
孩子 没有小孩
想要小孩 我稍后再告诉你
身高 5.2 - 5.3 英寸 (156-160厘米)
体型 有魅力的
婚姻状况 一个
吸烟者 没有
酒徒 很少地
我期待 男性
筛选年龄范围 22-69
关系 活动伙伴, 友谊, 婚姻, 关系, 浪漫, 旅行伴侣
I wish to find you, my beloved man! I am loving, caring and open minded and I know how to make my future man happy! I believe in love and I came to find it!
He is normal, I don't care of the appearance but I care about his character traits.
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2021-12-15And of course I love jeans!720 x 1280 0:21浏览
2021-12-15too short720 x 1280 0:10浏览
2022-02-23I am positive for you!720 x 1280 0:14浏览
2022-02-23I'm charming!720 x 1280 0:14浏览
2022-04-26I think you will like it!720 x 1280 0:08浏览
2022-04-26I love beautiful makeup 4 !720 x 1280 0:13浏览
2022-04-26I love beautiful makeup 3!720 x 1280 0:19浏览
2022-04-26I love beautiful makeup 2 !720 x 1280 0:54浏览
2022-04-26I love beautiful makeup!720 x 1280 0:13浏览
2022-04-26I'm on a walk 3 !720 x 1280 0:11浏览
2022-04-26I'm on a walk! 2720 x 1280 0:04浏览
2022-04-26I'm on a walk!720 x 1280 0:07浏览
2022-04-26I720 x 1280 0:17浏览
2022-04-26I have no makeup !720 x 1280 0:15浏览
2022-04-26Let's check!720 x 1280 0:07浏览
2022-05-17new makeup720 x 1280 0:11浏览
2022-05-17new makeup 2 720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2022-05-17I'm sexy sexy!720 x 1280 0:18浏览
2022-05-17How do corsets suit me?720 x 1280 0:40浏览
2022-05-24I'm in a new role!720 x 1280 0:40浏览
2022-05-28I'm on the street !960 x 1280 0:08浏览
2022-05-28Tired of studying!720 x 1280 0:09浏览
2022-05-28I wink at you!720 x 1280 0:07浏览
2022-05-30I'm in a cafe !720 x 1280 0:08浏览
2022-05-30A little bit of peace!720 x 1280 0:14浏览
2022-05-30My style !720 x 1280 0:08浏览
2022-05-30My walk!960 x 1280 0:12浏览
2022-05-30My talents!720 x 1280 0:30浏览
2022-05-30Going for a walk !720 x 1280 0:10浏览
2022-06-03Me and my friends !720 x 1280 0:10浏览
2022-06-03Ready for the summer!960 x 1280 0:14浏览
2022-06-04Walk in the mall!960 x 1280 0:11浏览
2022-06-09Can't decide on color720 x 1280 0:19浏览
2022-06-09Or maybe this one?720 x 1280 0:09浏览
2022-06-09In general, shopping is mine!720 x 1280 0:26浏览
2022-06-09Crazy !!!960 x 1280 0:09浏览
2022-06-09A beautiful bra is the key to success)720 x 1280 0:17浏览
2022-06-09The purple color is my absolute favorite!720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2022-06-15Ready for the summer!720 x 1280 0:10浏览
2022-06-26I love sunbathing!720 x 1280 0:15浏览
2022-06-26I think you will like my new swimsuit!720 x 1280 0:33浏览
2022-06-26Sunbathing season is open!720 x 1280 1:06浏览
2022-07-08I am a cutie !720 x 1280 0:08浏览
2022-07-12I am today !720 x 1280 0:12浏览
2022-07-14I'm ready for swimming!720 x 1280 0:14浏览
2022-07-14I think you will appreciate my tan!960 x 1280 0:10浏览
2022-07-15I'm going...720 x 1280 0:06浏览
2022-07-24I'm showing off!720 x 1280 1:26浏览
2022-07-24You will like it!960 x 1280 1:35浏览
2022-07-24I'm sunbathing 3!720 x 1280 0:14浏览
2022-07-24I'm sunbathing!720 x 1280 0:11浏览
2022-07-24And me again !720 x 1280 0:07浏览
2022-07-24Leisure trip!720 x 1280 0:06浏览
2022-07-24I'm in smoke!720 x 1280 1:04浏览
2022-07-30I quench my thirst!720 x 1280 0:17浏览
2022-07-31My art !720 x 1280 2:18浏览
2022-08-19I can be without makeup!720 x 1280 0:03浏览
2022-08-19My reincarnation!816 x 1280 0:07浏览
2022-08-19I'm bright!720 x 1280 0:25浏览
2022-08-27My sunny days!720 x 1280 0:19浏览
2022-08-27Me after swimming!960 x 1280 0:22浏览
2022-09-29I'm sexy sexy !624 x 832 0:02浏览
2022-09-29Crazy bastard!720 x 1280 0:25浏览
2022-09-29I'm sexy!960 x 1280 0:02浏览
2022-09-29I'm sexy 3 !720 x 848 0:02浏览
2022-09-29I'm sexy 2!960 x 1280 0:03浏览
2022-10-03Let's play pranks)1280 x 960 0:13浏览
2022-10-03Let's play pranks 2)720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2022-10-11On eyebrow tinting720 x 1280 0:11浏览
2023-03-25curl720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2023-04-30For your health !720 x 1280 0:11浏览
2023-05-18I am a cutie !720 x 1280 0:14浏览
2023-07-22I 720 x 1280 0:25浏览
2023-07-25I am at sea ...720 x 1280 0:15浏览
2023-07-25My Flexibility!720 x 1280 0:15浏览
2023-07-25All of me!720 x 1280 0:14浏览
2023-07-29sea720 x 1280 0:23浏览
2023-07-29sea 2720 x 1280 0:16浏览
2023-07-29sea 3 720 x 1280 0:18浏览
2023-08-02IMG-0080.MP4480 x 848 0:20浏览
2023-08-07IMG_0229.MOV720 x 1280 0:28浏览
2023-08-08IMG_0256.MOV720 x 1280 0:13浏览
2023-08-08IMG_0287.MOV720 x 1280 0:17浏览