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Zhanna: Watch my video "Where I am talking about myse...

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  • 52 岁 女性, 星座: 双子座
  • Poltava, 乌克兰
  • 英语(基础)
  • seamstress
  • 1 个小孩
  • 最后在线: 2021-01-14 19:21:06
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性别 女性
孩子 1 个小孩
想要小孩 我稍后再告诉你
身高 5.6 - 5.7 英寸 (166-170厘米)
体型 苗条的
种族 高加索人
宗教信仰 东正教
婚姻状况 离异
学历 研究生院的学生
吸烟者 没有
酒徒 很少地
我期待 男性
筛选年龄范围 50-75
关系 友谊, 婚姻, 关系, 浪漫, 旅行伴侣
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评估: 4.5
投票: 2721
Watch my video "Where I am talking about myself" faster and write to me, I'm really looking forward ...

Don`t look at my age, in heart I am always 18Smile energetic, romantic, very sensual woman. Classy, intelligent and very feminine.Brunette, dark eyes with sparkles SmileI have son Sergey who supports me 100% in my decision to find good man here on this site. Actually he was the person who offered this!

Your Zhanna ♥
I should feel myself confident with him,he is "strong shoulder", my soulmate, spiritual half..i should feel free with him, have fun like teenagers! he is my best friend, person who can listen and give love, not only take...Responcible and i can rely oh him, who will never cheat!
日期标题宽度 x 身高持续浏览
2019-09-17my beautiful life1280 x 720 3:23浏览
2019-10-14I am going to my work1280 x 720 0:26浏览
2019-10-14Miss You1280 x 720 0:21浏览
2019-10-14My coffee-break:)1280 x 720 0:21浏览
2019-10-14Love My Morning1280 x 720 0:24浏览
2019-10-14My warm autumn1280 x 720 0:25浏览
2019-10-15Where I am talking about myself1280 x 720 0:39浏览
2019-12-16Christmas is coming ...1280 x 720 0:23浏览
2019-12-18Something new for you1280 x 720 0:41浏览
2019-12-25A message for you, my dear ♥1280 x 720 0:19浏览
2019-12-25Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!1280 x 720 0:30浏览
2019-12-25Winter in Poltava and I am.1280 x 720 0:17浏览
2019-12-26how I work ♥1280 x 720 0:37浏览
2019-12-26Decorating a Christmas tree1280 x 720 0:23浏览
2020-01-17something sweet1280 x 720 0:17浏览
2020-01-17I am tired of work...1280 x 720 0:27浏览
2020-01-23join me1280 x 720 0:35浏览
2020-02-07My new video ♥1280 x 720 0:23浏览
2020-06-12my birthday ♥1280 x 720 0:24浏览
2020-07-14summer me1280 x 720 0:29浏览
2020-07-14Dream of you1280 x 720 0:24浏览
2020-10-06Autumn greetings1280 x 720 0:20浏览
2020-10-06My favorite place before work568 x 320 0:25浏览
2020-12-14Christmas is coming! ❤️1280 x 720 0:27浏览