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Hot_Rapunzel: Daria: I am a mix of hot chocolate with fragrant hot...

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  • 20 岁 女性, 天秤座
  • Kharkov, 乌克兰
  • 俄语(流利的), 英语(媒介)
  • Personal Assistant
  • 没有小孩
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性别 女性
孩子 没有小孩
想要小孩 我稍后再告诉你
身高 5.8 - 5.9 英寸 (171-175厘米)
体型 苗条的
种族 高加索人
宗教信仰 基督教
婚姻状况 一个
学历 本科生
吸烟者 没有
酒徒 没有
我期待 男性
筛选年龄范围 21-50
关系 婚姻, 关系, 浪漫
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I am a mix of hot chocolate with fragrant hot spices!
Nothing can be better than listening to someone's heart. I am very open person and helping people is what I like the most. I have a kind soul and at the same time fire in my heart can't be stopped. To be feminine, tender and passionate is my nature. I am looking for my own love and inspiration. I want to settle down with my beloved and build relationships based on love,care,mutual undesrstanding and respect .
I meet any difficult situation with a smile and this gives me the strength to overcome it. I think that it is important to stay optimistic whatever happens. Even cloudy and rainy days are useful as they make us stronger, that's how our experience and wisdom was got, right? Lemons are sour but lemonade is so sweet)
I am always sincere with people and my heart believes that all people are good. I always try to develop myself and put high aims for me and reach them. Sometimes we need to wait for a long time and need much patience to get what we want but I never look for easy roads, enjoy what life brings and always look for happiness. I believe there is much what depends on us only and much what we can create and change. Sometimes it is not easy but always interesting and never boring.
I believe that the man should be the provider for family, so I want to feel safe in the arms of my man! But I also believe that only woman makes her man stronger and ready for conquering the summits. I believe it is very important to create a happy and friendly atmosphere at home to make us always want to hurry back home cause you know that someone special is waiting for you there. I am still young, but mature enough woman to understand what is important in life and relationship and what is more important-I know what I want.
I am interested in experienced and old-fashioned men. I can explain what I mean - such man is attractive for me firstly because he knows what is life about. He can be much older than me and surely he made some mistakes, maybe not even some, but this made him mature as he learned lessons and he knows what he needs and wants from life. I respect and value such people. I appreciate if you are not afraid to be open-minded, tell me your opinion truly. I like men who make first step, who are not afraid of unknown. I believe it is always worth to try if you want something, especially if you want a classy and fabulous lady.
I am looking for a man who with whom I feel thousands of butterflies in my stomach after our first kiss…Such man with a kind heart and gentle nature, with a big passion for life and love.
Love is very fragile and gentle thing that needs real feelings, mutual understanding, care and respect. Love is what makes a house home. It makes your heart feel comfortable and just enjoy simple things in life. I want to help my partner to feel this harmony and beauty around.
俄语: 我精通每一项技能
英语: 我能读和写但不能说
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