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Daniela: I live in Italy(Padua), but was born in Moldo...

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  • 29 岁 女性, 双鱼座
  • Padua, 意大利
  • 英语(媒介), 意大利(好的), 法国(好的)
  • Makeup artist
  • 没有小孩
  • 最后在线: 2020-08-09 11:13:24
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性别 女性
孩子 没有小孩
想要小孩 我稍后再告诉你
身高 5.6 - 5.7 英寸 (166-170厘米)
体型 苗条的
婚姻状况 一个
学历 高等教育
我期待 男性
筛选年龄范围 35-60
关系 婚姻, 关系, 浪漫
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I live in Italy(Padua), but was born in Moldova, from my childood I felt that my name - Daniela is so Italian! Smile And my name is not a random choice, it has a deep meaning and tells about me and my personality, if you would love to write me a note, search on the internet the meaning of my nameSmile

To move to Italy was such a spontanous decision and I prefer not to talk about it here - but in personal messages Smile Who knows, maybe my spontaneous nature will bring me to another country in future? Wink

About me you should know 3 IMPORTANT things:

- I hate when my fridge is empty, I am a passionate cook! Very Happy Moldavian, Italian, French and Russian cuisines, what would you prefer for breakfast and dinner? Smile

- I hate waking up every morning alone..over and over again, maybe you will solve that little problem? Smile

- I love Latino-American dances Smile

If you would love to see such a woman next to you - write me a letter! And mention please if you will be ready to dance with me Wink
Think twice before writing me! Smile I have a HUGE list of requirements!

You should be:


If you think my "huge" list doesn't characterize you..well..wish you good luck in your search Very Happy

Yes, I am an attractive and beutiful woman and maybe it's my curse? Smile Maybe all men have the wrong understanding of beautiful women, think that they are too demanding??

But without jokes, I am a simple woman and need a simple man. I want to be perceived and treated as a woman, first of all, not a stereotype created in a society.

Wink Wink
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