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Elia: WELCOME, sweet! I am on this site with the mo...

  • 42 岁 女性, 星座: 巨蟹座
  • Odessa, 乌克兰
  • 英语(基础), 乌克兰(流利的), 俄语(流利的)
  • dentist
  • 1 个小孩
  • 最后在线: 2021-09-23 20:27:50

  • ID: 1000766054
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性别 女性
孩子 1 个小孩
想要小孩 无所谓
体型 有魅力的
种族 高加索人
宗教信仰 基督教
婚姻状况 离异
学历 高等教育
吸烟者 没有
酒徒 很少地
我期待 男性
筛选年龄范围 37-66
关系 活动伙伴, 友谊, 婚姻, 关系, 浪漫
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WELCOME, sweet! I am on this site with the most serious intentions- looking for my soulmate! Not a pen-pal or a travel mate - but my friend, lover and second half for a life- time!

I am ready for the changes and I am not afraid of them!

I am ready to relocate for the right person!

Ready to start a new exciting page in my life!

And of course before all this happens- I am ready to meet you in real!Very Happy

Talking about my character- I am a REAL woman with PASSION in her heart! I have a lot of LOVE to give, but only for my special one. Being quite a purposeful and disciplined person helped to get where I am. I love my work and I spend a lot of my time there, as you know I am a dentist.

I am very active and go to the gym regularly… If I haven’t been to the gym for week- I feel there is something missing in my life))). My other likes- swimming, badminton and traveling of course!

I love summer…sun…sea…sand…mmmmmmm What can be better?! Very Happy

I am a happy woman, I love to smile and wake up every morning and think what is gonna happen to me today…

I am satisfied with my life but still I feel I am a woman who needs a man to be absolutely happy, I have a daughter but I dream about a full family.

I want to feel I am loved I want to give my love to the one. I want to lose my head with love, want to feel passion, want to feel myself a weak woman in the hands of a strong man! Maybe that is you, the one who is reading this now?
Wink Very Happy
Man I am looking for? He is loving, caring, kind, just a usual man, but very special for me!

I want to have support and respect in my future family, want family holidays, simple everyday joys and just to feel the warmth of a person who is next to me.

I just want to have this fairy tale and thought I was married for 12 years and my first marriage did not work I believe in miracles and I know for sure the man for a red haired woman like me is somewhere there(or here) Very Happy Wink
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